Minsk FIR

Minsk FIR

The Republic of Belarus is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe. The territory of Belarus is 207,600 square kilometers. It borders with countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The maximum distance from north to south is 560 km (300 nautical miles) and from west to east – 650 km (350 nautical miles). The average height above sea level is 160 meters (520 feet), the highest point called Mount Dzerzhinskaya is 345 meters (1130 feet) (Minsk Upland), the lowest place – less than 85 meters (280 feet) – is in the Nemanskaya lowlands. More information available on Wikipedia website.

On the territory of the Republic of Belarus there are 7 civilian airports, 1 of them – Minsk National Airport (UMMS) – is the international status. In Belarus there are both military and small aircraft air platforms which, unfortunately, are not realized in the simulators but we plan to correct this deficiency on our own.

The upper sector of airspace is divided into 3 sub-sectors – north, east and west. In IVAO due to the small amount of traffic these sectors are combined into one. Starting with FL 200 and below should be Minsk-Approach area which limited the horizontal points. Below is Minsk-Krug area which in the daytime only. The rest of the time Minsk-Approach area in use. More below are Minsk-Tower and Minsk-Ground areas. At some airports, such as Vitebsk, an Approach area in use instead of Tower and Ground. In any case see the airport scheme for details.

In the Republic of Belarus there is Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) in use. On the east there are odd flight levels (310, 330, 350, etc.) and even flight levels (320, 340, 360, etc.) are to the west.

Each airport has its own transition altitude (TA) which shown in the charts. Transition level (TL) is 50 or 60 if the pressure is below 733 mm Hg. Art. (0977.3 hPa). Below TL expect altitude in feets (by QNH).

Flight leveling summary table can be downloaded from our website at http://ivaoby.belavia.info/documents. This table shows the default foot system of separation, RVSM and meter system. With it you can choose suitable meter flight level.

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